Our unique traditions

We're proud of our reputation for taking our work very seriously yet also creating an environment where employees can thrive and enjoy each other's company. We have some unique traditions which include optional after work activities and groups which focus on charity work, sports and artistic outlets. Below are three of our most significant and, should you join our teams, you'll be welcome to get involved with from Day 1!

The Bain World Cup

Football (soccer) is the global sport and, with Bain being a global company, each year since 1987 a different city has hosted a Bain World Cup tournament. More than 1,200 employees from around the world volunteer to bring out their inner "Messi and Neymar" over a three day competition.

Competitors from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas create jerseys, practice and prepare all in the hope of bringing home the prestigious Bain World Cup. While the primary focus is the tournament itself, Bain World Cup is also about reconnecting with friends and colleagues from around the world - plus have a lot of fun too!

THE BAIN WORLD CUP - An annual tradition with truly global reach.

Previous Bain World Cup locations and winners:

Year Tournament location Winning office
2015 Frankfurt Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo
2014 Dallas Madrid
2013 Amsterdam Paris
2012 Chicago Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo
2011 Paris Italy
2010 Munich Atlanta & San Francisco
2009 London Madrid

The Bain Band

Do you have a secret (or not so secret) musical talent or is The Voice your guilty pleasure that you really cannot miss watching (and sing along to)?

If so, the Bain Band would totally be for you! Most of our offices have a collection of musicians and singers who regularly practice together and put on a performance at our annual summer meetings plus other events throughout the year. They often write their own music and lyrics, not top 40 stuff of course, but very appropriate for a Bain audience! It's been a tradition for over 30 years now and we're always looking for new talent to share the limelight.

THE BAIN BAND - Bringing the best Bain singers & musicians together.

Bain Cares Day

One day every year, each Bain office closes for our employees to partake in voluntary assignments that directly impacts their local cities. It's our way of giving back and a great opportunity for our employees to get to know each other and our communities better. These projects can be anything from preparing food at a local homeless shelter, painting schools to clearing brush in a local wildlife reserve. Opportunities to get involved don't end on Bain Cares Day. Bain is active throughout the year with many Social Impact projects.