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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates’ collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees’ profiles here.

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Why Bain?

I first became interested in Bain because of its strong reputation in driving to results for its clients. I had heard many stories of how Bain focused on recommendations and plans that were feasible and realistic. This impressed me, not only because it is refreshing and takes guts, but because it really is the best way to support our clients for the long term. Bain's dedication to this was cemented in my mind when I found out that Bain often ties its own financial success to the successful implementation and completion of its recommendations. Such innovation and "putting their money where their mouth is" attitude was something I had not seen before.

However, the reason I chose Bain in the end was the people. I remember at one of the first recruiting presentations I attended, I was talking to a senior partner, and we ended up high-fiving over some shared connection. In that moment I knew the culture of Bain, with its minimal hierarchy, collegiate nature and true friendships, was the perfect place for me. As such, the relationships we have with each other have been a vital part of my growth and learnings since I have been here.


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  • Carina


    Principal, Copenhagen

    "I don't know if there is anywhere else where you can get the exposure to such high-level issues and high-level clients so quickly."

  • Marc


    Principal, London

    "Bain had by far the best recruiting process I had experienced."

  • Kazuki


    Principal, Tokyo

    "Bain has a friendly yet practical culture, which has made the work environment productive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm."

  • Tom


    Consultant, New York

    "Bainies show a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the job."

  • Will


    Associate Consultant, Boston

    "Bain encourages differentiation and celebrates risk-taking - something that I certainly appreciate."

  • Keith


    Manager, San Francisco

    "It is a fantastic feeling going to work every day knowing that you have the full support of close friends who also happen to be some of the sharpest people you will ever meet."

  • James


    Consultant, London

    "For me it was all about the people."

  • Rodrigo


    Consultant, São Paulo

    "Bain has a tremendous respect for its employees and works hard on inclusion."

  • Douglas


    Consultant, New York

    "At Bain there are so many support systems to help you succeed that you really feel empowered to try new things."

  • Kara


    Manager, Chicago

    "Everyone at Bain is always willing to lend a hand to help one another succeed both inside and outside of the office."

  • Vinitra


    Associate Consultant, Washington D.C.

    "Every single AC, consultant, manager, and partner that I have met has been incredibly smart, hard-working, confident, energetic, fun, and social, which makes for an excellent work environment."

  • Elizabeth


    Manager, New York

    "Bain had everything I was looking for."