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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates’ collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees’ profiles here.

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Featured profile: Sri

Partner, New Delhi

Why Bain?

I migrated from industry to consulting primarily because I wanted a greater diversity of experience and to develop a broader range of skills. I chose to join Bain because I sensed an energy level that I didn't find in any other consultancy. Bain people were far more personable and engaging. Looking back on my time here, I have definitely had the opportunity to work on the broad range of issues and complex problems I'd hoped for. And in terms of the people, I have found that no matter how smart or accomplished they are in a variety of different areas, Bain people are always very grounded. I have very much enjoyed and benefited from the supportive culture at Bain. There are two partners in particular who have been outstanding mentors to me, both in terms of developing my professional skills and acting as a sounding board whenever I've had to work through tough issues. Finally, I have taken full advantage of Bain's flexibility and, in 2000, I took a leave of absence for 8 months to work on a startup in Silicon Valley with some friends.    

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  • Carina


    Principal, Copenhagen

    "I don't know if there is anywhere else where you can get the exposure to such high-level issues and high-level clients so quickly."

  • Tom


    Consultant, New York

    "Bainies show a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the job."

  • Kazuki


    Principal, Tokyo

    "Bain has a friendly yet practical culture, which has made the work environment productive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm."

  • Marc


    Principal, London

    "Bain had by far the best recruiting process I had experienced."

  • Will


    Associate Consultant, Boston

    "Bain encourages differentiation and celebrates risk-taking - something that I certainly appreciate."

  • Numan


    Principal, Atlanta

    "Consulting may seem like a strange step for a Ph.D., but there is no other opportunity like it. Bain has given me multiple opportunities to use my Ph.D. expertise."

  • Adam


    Manager, San Francisco

    "I value a collaborative work environment that allows me to learn from other people's experiences and to help others through mine."

  • Vinitra


    Associate Consultant, Washington D.C.

    "Every single AC, consultant, manager, and partner that I have met has been incredibly smart, hard-working, confident, energetic, fun, and social, which makes for an excellent work environment."

  • Keith


    Manager, San Francisco

    "It is a fantastic feeling going to work every day knowing that you have the full support of close friends who also happen to be some of the sharpest people you will ever meet."

  • Haakon


    Senior Associate Consultant, Oslo

    "Bain's "results, not reports" sold me, I wanted to get my hands dirty and learn a lot over the course of my internship."

  • Steve


    Consultant, Boston

    "I came to Bain because of the people who work here."

  • Tim


    Consultant, Boston

    "Bain is committed to promoting the success of its employees and provides flexibility to cater to the specific goals of each individual."