Bain GLBT Association for Diversity

At Bain, we realize that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) employees have unique needs. That's why we created the Bain GLBT Association for Diversity (BGLAD), now over a decade ago.

BGLAD's mission is to support the recruitment and retention of talented GLBT colleagues at Bain and at the Bridgespan Group, our sister nonprofit consulting firm. Accordingly, BGLAD provides:

  • A strong and unified diversity message throughout the recruiting process.
  • An open communications channel with Bain leadership to advise them on GLBT policies and ensure a comfortable work environment.
  • Overall awareness of GLBT issues across our global organization.
A SUPPORTIVE CULTURE - Highlights from Bain's most recent global BGLAD summit in San Francisco.

A culture of acceptance

Bain's GLBT-related policies have created a culture of acceptance that's winning outside recognition. For nearly two decades at Bain (and at Bridgespan since its inception), we have had a written non-discrimination policy that provides GLBT employees with the opportunity to work as openly and "out" as they feel comfortable.

In 2007, the Human Rights Campaign first awarded a perfect score in its Corporate Equality Index to Bain and the Bridgespan Group. We were among the first consulting firms ever to receive this distinction, and have obtained a perfect score ever since. The firm is also rated first in Vault's GLBT diversity ranking.

In the United States, Bain is the first global consulting firm to offer reimbursement to same-sex couples for federal taxes levied on domestic partner health benefits. Bain is also a sponsor the Uniting American Families Act in the US, which seeks to stop the deportation of bi-national same-sex couples. We've also done valuable work directly with the GLBT community, including projects for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Immigration Equality, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In short, we have made great strides towards making Bain and Bridgespan the very best place to work - for everyone.

"Diversity spawns creativity and innovation—two pragmatic yet critical components to our remarkable business success around the globe. Diversity is reflected in our core values, our focus on extraordinary teams and in our culture. BGLAD is a great example of how we foster this spirit across our worldwide offices."
Russ Hagey, Partner and Chief Talent Officer

Active throughout the year

BGLAD facilitates regular informal communication and mentoring among its members in Bain and the Bridgespan Group. The organization:

  • Hosts a bi-annual global summit, an offsite planning meeting that provides opportunities to network with BGLAD members worldwide
  • Hosts events within local office branches, including group outings, office-wide receptions, and speaker luncheons
  • Provides an opportunity to match a BGLAD member with a BGLAD mentor
  • Recruits GLBT talent, hosting receptions at top schools
  • Coordinates Bain's recurring sponsorship of "Out for Undergraduate Business Conference" and "Reaching Out MBA," the annual conferences of GLBT undergraduate and business school students, respectively

Why GLBT applicants should get in touch with BGLAD

BGLAD is dedicated to supporting prospective GLBT talent throughout the recruiting process. While Bain's culture of acceptance and warmth towards diversity is already a given, we understand that the decision to join any firm can ultimately depend on making sure that the people and the culture are the right fit for you. That's why we at BGLAD want to take every opportunity to make sure that GLBT applicants feel not only comfortable and reassured about being out during the recruiting process, but also excited about contributing to BGLAD's enduring presence at Bain.