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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates’ collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees’ profiles here.

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Why Bain?

I chose consulting because I wanted exposure to critical strategic questions faced by businesses across a wide range of industries. Within consulting itself, I chose Bain because of its people.

I was thoroughly impressed by the representatives at Bain's recruiting events. They were extremely friendly, and were always ready to offer their honest views on the industry's pros and cons. They were also passionate about their interests outside of work, which made for great conversations ranging from New York's best eats to the educational non-profit one of my interviewers had started in his free time.

Today, I continue to be inspired by my colleagues.  I find them intelligent yet humble; everyone approaches discussions with well-informed perspectives, but makes it a point to solicit the views of all team members nevertheless. There are never any "sacred cows" in the room - alternative approaches/viewpoints are always thoughtfully considered and often incorporated, even if they are proposed by the most junior person on the case! I am also in awe of just how genuinely warm and kind everyone is. Despite their busy schedules, my colleagues are ever-willing to make time to teach me new excel shortcuts, sense-check my model, offer feedback on my slides, and more. They're also really fun to be around - we visit bars/clubs/restaurants weekly, travel frequently, and laugh about the new developments (or lack thereof) in our lives incessantly!


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  • Jasmine


    Consultant, Singapore

    "The Bain experience is what you make it to be."

  • Dominik


    Manager, Singapore

    "It's amazing to be part of this story from the very beginning and getting a chance to shape our culture in the office. "

  • Suvir


    Partner, Singapore

    "I believe that our commitment to diversity and highly inclusive culture are key reasons why we won the Aon Hewitt "Best Employer" Award in 2011. "

  • Tricia


    Senior Associate Consultant, Singapore

    "I chose consulting because I wanted exposure to critical strategic questions faced by businesses across a wide range of industries."

  • Till


    Partner, Singapore

    "Every project is different in its challenges."

  • Gwendolyn


    Principal, Singapore

    "We have a collective group of passionate, action-oriented people who give me energy every single day."

  • Jennifer


    Manager, Singapore

    "Bain has been incredibly supportive of my passion for education. "

  • Alex


    Consultant, Singapore

    "Your colleagues are always willing to drop what they are doing to help you."

  • Sook Fen

    Sook Fen

    Consultant, Singapore

    "The most important factor that makes Bain unique is the people! "

  • Dora


    Case Team Leader, Singapore

    "I work alongside clients who are mostly senior or upcoming leaders of their organizations."

  • Gerald


    Consultant, Singapore

    "I chose consulting because as an undergraduate, it provided me with the steepest learning curve and exposure to multiple industries and business problems. "

  • Dan


    Senior Associate Consultant, Singapore

    "Bain for me offered the chance to develop my hard skills and business judgment."