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Featured profile: Joanna

Principal, Sydney

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Diversity at Bain is incredibly important to me, because I see the value that our diverse environment brings every single day. For me, diversity is about having different ways of tackling a problem or interpreting a client situation. The benefit of working as a team is that we bring those diverse ideas to the table, and drive towards a better solution or recommendation. As a Manager, this means I need to do a good job of listening to the ideas of all my team members, and, if their approach doesn't match mine, then think about how to get the best out of both ideas!

Linked to this, I am also passionate about the topic of gender diversity, and have worked with an organisation called Chief Executive Women on this topic since I was an Associate Consultant. We have conducted primary research together, which has shown that, on average, females in the workforce tend to have a different approach to solving problems than men do. This is one of several root causes behind why women are under-represented in leadership positions in the corporate environment. At Bain, we are intent upon creating a working environment that values different styles and perspectives, so that we can bring all of these to bear for our client's problems.

Finally we recognize that this isn't the only key to increasing the number of women in our leadership team - improving how we enable flexible working options (for both women and men) is also key. I have recently returned following 12 months maternity leave and am working full time while my partner (also from Bain) takes 9 months off. When he comes back to work, we will both be part time. While we're not sure how long we will want to continue this model, it's amazing to be able to prioritise our family needs at the moment!

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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Joanna Principal Advanced degree Sydney
Margot Associate Consultant Undergraduate Sydney
Chris Partner MBA Sydney
Andy Associate Consultant Undergraduate Sydney
Alpha Manager Undergraduate Sydney
Ashley Senior Associate Consultant Undergraduate Sydney
Devi Associate Consultant Undergraduate Sydney
Jack Associate Consultant Undergraduate Sydney
Michael Manager Advanced degree Sydney
Chris Manager Experienced professional Sydney