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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates' collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees' profiles here.

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Featured profile: Robyn

Consultant, Toronto

Why Bain?

The number one factor that made Bain stand out to me from the others was the people. I am continually impressed by how motivated, smart and yet down to earth each of my colleagues were.  The people at Bain are truly invested in helping others and it shows in both our work with clients and on our teams.  The learning curve at Bain can be steep, but it is absolutely achievable when you have people around you who value and support you.

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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Kingsley Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Rebecca Consultant MBA Toronto
Yongjian (YJ) Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Cam Senior Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Martha Consultant MBA Toronto
Omar Manager MBA Toronto
Grant Manager MBA Toronto
Dan Consultant MBA Toronto
Jeff Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Jed Partner Masters degree Toronto