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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates' collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees' profiles here.

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Featured profile: Chris

Principal, Toronto

Why Bain?

Bain is an incredible environment in which to work.  The people at Bain from top to bottom are committed to making this an excellent place to work.  This manifests on both external and internal ways.  Bain offers a wide variety of professional opportunities - working in Private Equity, working on multiple client issues (strategy, costs, operations improvement, organizational strategy, etc.  And internally, we have a concerted effort to seek feedback and improve all aspects of the team experience.  There are good reasons why we've been the top consulting firm to work for 9x in a row!


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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Jeff Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Robyn Consultant MBA Toronto
Chris Principal MBA Toronto
Jed Partner Masters degree Toronto
Walter Associate Consultant Masters degree Toronto
Kingsley Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Cassandra Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
Grant Manager MBA Toronto
Malini Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto
John Associate Consultant Undergraduate Toronto