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I wanted to work in consulting in Southeast Asia after completing my MBA from INSEAD. My recruiting focus was to find the right consulting firm for me. Thus I intentionally spent time on the Singapore Campus to proactively meet consultants from the local offices through various INSEAD social and alumni events. I did so to further my understanding of the nature of consulting work in Southeast Asia and also gauge the office culture and my fit with the company. In the end I was convinced that Bain was the right consulting firm for me, and I was delighted to receive an offer from the Bain Singapore office.

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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Gwendolyn Principal Undergraduate Singapore
Suvir Partner Experienced professional Singapore
Jennifer Manager Undergraduate Singapore
Gerald Consultant Undergraduate Singapore
Sook Fen Consultant Experienced professional Singapore
Dominik Manager MBA Singapore
Alex Consultant Undergraduate Singapore
Tricia Senior Associate Consultant Undergraduate Singapore
Till Partner MBA Singapore
Dan Senior Associate Consultant Experienced professional Singapore