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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates' collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees' profiles here.

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Why Bain?

I knew Bain was a place where, like most consulting companies, I could harness my skills and grow in my ability to tackle complex business problems.  But what made Bain different (and therefore, my primary choice) was that by choosing Bain, I would be able to work each week in a fun environment surrounded by sharp people who I enjoy being around-in and out of  the office. 

I always thought my junior summer internship was going to be a painful, somewhat monotonous experience, but that has not been my experience at all with Bain.  I have found the work exciting and stimulating, and I have actually had a lot of fun in the process, both in and out of the office.  All that I thought Bain would be has turned out to be true, and more. 

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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Marc Principal MBA London
Kazuki Principal MBA Tokyo
Tom Consultant Advanced degree Brussels
Carina Principal Advanced degree Copenhagen
Rodrigo Consultant MBA São Paulo
Richard Consultant MBA London
Eugene Manager MBA Moscow
Jyoti Consultant MBA New York
Gaurav Manager Experienced professional New Delhi
Steve Consultant MBA Boston