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Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals and their collective passion for results. And when you join Bain, your teammates' collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage your personal achievement on a daily basis. Find a sampling of our employees' profiles here.

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Featured profile: Akram

Principal, Dubai

Why Bain?

Strategic consulting caught my eye when I was going through my MBA program. I was attracted to it because of the nature of the business which consists of short-term projects tackling a variety of CEO type issues like strategy development, performance improvement, organization effectiveness, investment feasibility etc. Being able to wake up every morning with a different problem on my mind on my current project and not knowing where or what I will be working on in 2 months was exciting to me.

The specific attraction to Bain was the people I met throughout business school and the recruitment process, the exciting opportunity offered by Bain's recent efforts in the Middle East, and Bain's focus on the private equity industry.

If I was asked to pin point why Bain, then I would say it's the people I met. I really felt that the culture of people passion results came through the conversations I had with the Bain recruiters and consultants.


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Name Role Joined Bain as Office
Tom Consultant Advanced degree Brussels
Kazuki Principal MBA Tokyo
Marc Principal MBA London
Carina Principal Advanced degree Copenhagen
Roelof Consultant Masters degree Amsterdam
Frank Consultant Undergraduate Boston
Alejandro Associate Consultant Undergraduate Atlanta
James Senior Associate Consultant Undergraduate San Francisco
Virginia Manager MBA New York
Jaclyn Case Team Leader Undergraduate Dallas