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Many of my best friends are people I've met while at Bain.

Why Bain?

Without question, I joined Bain - and I remain here - because of the outstanding people.  Whether it's developing a unique approach to a business challenge or performing in the Bain Band, I continue to be amazed by the caliber of my colleagues: intelligent, diverse, down to earth, and fun.  As a result, many of my best friends are people I've met while at Bain.

My passion

My interests outside of the office include travel, sailing, golf, and Milwaukee Brewers baseball, all of which I enjoy regularly with other Bainies.  For instance, I spent two weeks traveling around China with another AC in my class.  Also, I'm currently staffed on a project in another NL Central city, so I've been able to go to three Brewers away games so far this season.  My attempt to convert my case team into Brewers fans remains a work in progress.

My favorite case

On a recent case, my team helped a major manufacturer and marketer of consumer packaged goods to develop a perspective on health and wellness.  Given the growing trend toward healthier eating, the client worried that its portfolio of largely processed and packaged foods would be poorly positioned for future growth.

Leveraging extensive consumer research and industry success stories, we convinced the client that they did not need to move into fresh produce to win in the health and wellness space.  In fact, we identified several areas within their current product portfolio where they could achieve growth with health-minded consumers.  Not only did we make a measurable impact at the client, but we also developed some innovative intellectual property for Bain's consumer goods practice area.

My personal results story

As a senior associate consultant, I was staffed to a merger integration project and assigned to support the General Manager of Canadian and Latin American Operations, a long-time veteran of the company.    At our first in-person meeting, he spent nearly an hour explaining why he had disliked working with consultants in the past.

I absorbed his feedback and addressed his concerns by spending considerable time abroad getting to know this client, his businesses, and his employees.  He responded very well to my efforts and, as a result, we were able to work together closely to plan and execute the successful integration of the two companies' operations in each region. 

I am proud of the relationship I cultivated with this client because I built an amicable and constructive relationship with him when other consultants had not.  In fact, when he was promoted to president of one of the company's largest business units, he proactively sought out Bain to help him turn it around, and I got the opportunity to work with him once again.  This client and I keep in touch to this day, and he remains one of my closest professional mentors.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

My experience as an active member of BGLAD, Bain's LGBT employee resource group, has been one of the defining experiences of my career.  I've enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other LGBT professionals, both as a BGLAD mentor and mentee, as well as in my role leading MBA recruiting for BGLAD at Kellogg, Booth, and Ross.

Both Bain and Bridgespan take their commitment to hiring and retaining the best business talent - regardless of sexual orientation - incredibly seriously, and this applies to both LGBT and non-LGBT members of the firms.  For instance, we have over 40 'Level Four' BGLAD members (straight supporters) in the Chicago office, and I'm continuously impressed by their commitment to the group, from helping to plan our annual summit to attending target events for LGBT recruits.

A final thought

I can't emphasize enough the importance of case interview practice.  Performing well in case interviews is an acquired skill, and it has been a limiting factor for many intelligent and otherwise qualified candidates.  That said, preparation does not simply entail memorizing frameworks - it's all about becoming comfortable discussing business issues in a logical and thoughtful manner.

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