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Case Team Leader, Helsinki

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Bain provides me with an opportunity to learn, have impact and meet extraordinary people.

Why Bain?

Bain was first to make me an offer! I had already decided to go into consulting to start my career, and when I got to know the big three firms I thought Bain clearly had the best people. So when I got the offer, I didn't even consider other consulting firms.

My passion

At the office, I am passionate about learning and doing my work as best as I can. Outside work, I am aiming to complete my first marathon in the next six months. I also enjoy cooking and fine wines.

My favorite case

I recently analyzed a pre-paid mobile customer base for a large telecom company.
The client required assistance with tackling a large data mass which they had had, but didn't have the capability to analyze and draw the insights needed to understand their customers.

My work involved independently transforming a huge database to insights which helped the client to drive significant change in their pre-paid offering. I helped them to simply understand and identify who their most profitable customers are and how they behave. Based on these insights, the client was able to develop more efficient retention campaigns, as well as offers to capture high value customers which helped drive a significant profit increase for their business.

Personally for me, this case provided me with the opportunity to see the impact that Bain can have for our clients. My work changed the way a few senior managers (responsible for the business) saw their customers and their values. This effort was also a good example of the power of co-operation with the client. I worked with our client team on a daily basis and we shared our analysis. This made it possible to integrate the results to their day-to-day work quickly and really make change happen. 

My personal results story

In a recent case, the team was able to change the mindset of a management team of a ?1.0B revenue manufacturing company from focusing on volume to profit. This change helped the company to make better strategic decisions from pricing and to product and geographical expansion.

A final thought

Bain provides me with an opportunity to learn, have impact and meet extraordinary people. So far, I think my experience at Bain has been what was promised, and extremely rewarding.

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