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Manager, Sydney

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University of Otago
BS, Physcial Therapy
University of Otago
MS, Anatomy
University of Queensland
PhD, Neuroscience/Physical therapy

Bain is fantastic at welcoming a really diverse group of people with a range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise.

Why Bain?

I initially wasn't sure if I wanted to join Bain or to stay on at University as a lecturer. In the end I decided to take the plunge and join Bain for a number of reasons, and I have never looked back. I think the most important factor for me was that I really wanted to learn and do something new. Bain is obviously very different to working in a university and would give me a new set of challenges while at the same time being a great place to start my career. Another factor which was important for me was the people that I would be working with on a daily basis. After meeting a few Bainees it became clear very quickly that this was an amazing group of people - talented, motivated, but also great fun.

My experience at Bain

Soon after I joined, I jumped at the opportunity to take a transfer to the Helsinki office. This has been a great experience for me. Not only did I get to experience a new culture, and work with a new group of Bainees, but I got great exposure to a great new range of industries that I would not have been able to work on out of Sydney. One of the things you start to appreciate when you do go on transfer is how supportive and friendly Bainees are all over the world. The Helsinki office is a fantastic place to work and I have made lots of new friends. My overall experience has been so positive. I have managed to have a great time and met lots of new people whilest continually learning in a challenging environment.

My passion

At work, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve results on an individual level. I get great satisfaction from working closely with clients to discover new ways of doing their work and helping them determine the best way to implement these changes. In my mind, this results-oriented approach strongly distinguishes Bain and has helped me develop core skills for life.

Outside of work, I love to travel. Being at Bain has allowed me to continue this passion through its transfer program. I hope to one day do another transfer to one of Bain's U.S. offices. Not only would this give me the chance to travel more, but it would mean that I could spend more time working in the Pharmaceutical industry, which would allow me to continue my passion for science and healthcare.

My favorite case

I was recently on a case whereby we built a fantastic relationship with the client and became a very close knit team. As we moved forward on the project, I was heavily involved in implementing the strategy we had previously helped develop. Working on this type of project kept our thinking very focused and practical: "How is this going to be done?" or "How feasible is this for our client?" Seeing the work then be implemented was very rewarding, especially because the changes introduced made the business function much more effectively.

A final thought

My main advice to applicants is to be yourself. Bain wants to get to know the real you. Bain is fantastic at welcoming a diverse group of people with a range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Additionally, when you are thinking about where you would like to work you should really think about where you think you would be comfortable.  I could have found challenging work in a variety of career paths, but having a supportive group of people around me at Bain has been a great way for me to develop professionally and has helped me take on any challenge that has presented itself to me.

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