Bain & Company

True North

True North is a navigational point on a gyro compass. It's an unchanging point of reference, despite shifting conditions and turbulent environments. An ordinary compass points to Magnetic North, but it's unreliable because Magnetic North changes with time and location. True North never wavers.

When you join Bain, you'll know exactly what we stand for. Because our unwavering focus—our True North—is client results. On every project, we align our goals with those of our clients. We expect every team member to fully contribute ideas and insights so that we discover the best possible opportunities for our clients. We know that the best path for our client could be identified by any one individual on our team.

We are direct. We tell it like it is, with no jargon, just the facts. Even if the message is difficult for management to hear, you'll make the recommendations that'll drive results for your client.