Bain & Company

The Bridgespan Group

You're passionate about making a difference. Not just in the business world, but also in the world around you. Your community. Your country. The environment.

So is Bain. That's one reason why we founded The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit organization that delivers high-level strategy consulting services to the nonprofit sector.

The Bridgespan Group adapts and applies the best of the for-profit sector's strategy consulting capabilities to the nonprofit sector.

The full backing of Bain

The Bridgespan Group, a 501(3) nonprofit organization serving clients out of our New York, Boston and San Francisco offices, has the full backing of Bain. At the outset, Bain committed $2M to its development. In 2000, Thomas Tierney, stepped aside as Bain's worldwide managing director so that he could lead Bridgespan.

During a 6- to 12-month rotation with Bridgespan, you can focus your insights on issues that you're passionate about and make a difference. In Bridgespan engagements, you enjoy access to Bain's 35-plus years of innovative strategic insights, frameworks, and tools. Our award-winning intellectual assets, including our thought leaders, are also at your disposal. In short, we set you up to succeed.

At Bain, we want you to make your mark and stay fulfilled. The Bridgespan Group allows you to thrive on both counts.