Bain & Company

Outside the office

Professional relationships are strengthened during client engagements, but also during informal gatherings outside the office. That's why members of the Bain community take the initiative to create a variety of optional social activities for Bain employees.

These activities are by no means mandatory. But if you'd like to spend time with your colleagues doing something other than case work, you'll have plenty of opportunities at Bain.

Cultural groups

Bainies share many interests across many different areas. At offices around the world, you'll find everything from book clubs to theater groups to wine tasting and restaurant clubs. All of these serve as a nice way for employees to meet or become friendlier with their office mates.

Social groups

Poker clubs are a popular activity at many Bain offices. Another favorite: informal Friday get-togethers after work, where people meet up in the office or at a nearby pub to celebrate the end of the week.

Athletic groups

What's your sport? From basketball and volleyball to soccer and bowling, Bain offices assemble teams to compete in various local sports leagues. Weekend ski or golf excursions are also regular activities at many Bain offices.

Global events

Without question, the highlight of the Bain global calendar is the Bain World Cup. Each year, a different office hosts this company-wide soccer tournament. More than 1200+ employees and 72 teams from around the world attend. Competitors from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America create jerseys, practice, and prepare, all in the hope of "taking the cup."

While the primary focus is the tournament itself, Bain World Cup is also about reconnecting with friends and colleagues from the many global training sessions at Bain. It's a great opportunity to continue building your solid Bain network—and to have a little fun too!

Below is a list of previous Bain World Cup locations and winners:

Year Tournament location Winning office
2012 Chicago Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo
2011 Paris Italy
2010 Munich Atlanta & San Francisco
2009 London Madrid
2008 Boston Boston
2007 Madrid Madrid
2006 Brussels Boston & New York
2005 Milan Stockholm
2004 Dusseldorf San Francisco
2003 Stockholm Stockholm
2002 Zurich São Paulo
2001 Brighton Boston & New York
2000 Amsterdam Stockholm
1999 Munich Stockholm
1998 Paris Stockholm
1997 Oxford London
1996 Stockholm Stockholm
1995 Madrid London
1994 Munich Madrid
1993 Deauville Munich
1992 Munich London
1991 Brighton London
1990 Milan Milan
1989 Paris London
1988 Cambridge London
1987 Munich London