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I find the people fun, smart, and passionate.

Why Bain?

The people. Many of my favorite people at business school turned out to be Bainies. That got me interested, my summer (as a Summer Associate) got me hooked.

My passion

I love having the opportunity to help people reach their potential, whether it's a client with a tough problem, a team member learning a new skill, or a friend starting a new business who just needs support.

Outside work, I'm a passionate sailor, new restaurant try-er, and explorer of all things new and untried.


My favorite case

Healthcare client on demand transfer case in Paris! Was great on all dimensions: client (French specialty pharmaceutical company), super interesting case (complete strategic transformation of the entire organization - lots of meaty issues to solve), team (made some friends for life in the war room), huge step up opportunities where I learned a lot, and eh hem, PARIS! 


My personal results story

An underperforming but really talented AC was having a tough time in his first year while working with me on a case. We worked together for 5 months and turned his performance completely around and he definitely made me a better consultant too. The ability to really invest in relationships with other Bainies is definitely one of my favorite parts of the job.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

I'm invested in figuring out how women can make a career at Bain both sustainable and rewarding.

A final thought

Bain comes in many different flavors - all of them are fun and rewarding, but you have to decide what you want from this job and go after it. It's amazing what you are able to make happen when you ask. 

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