Senior Associate Consultant, Amsterdam

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People are really at the heart of the company.

Why Bain?

Bain has a great culture. The people working at Bain are ambitious, enthusiastic, good at what they do, and fun to work with. These people are really at the heart of the company. There is a very strong focus on your personal and professional development and balancing work and life. Bain has really been the right choice for me!

My passion

For me working at Bain means working in a truly inspiring environment. The people at Bain are always aiming for the best and are always willing to help you. Bain offers you the opportunity to discover a wide variety of industries with very different problems in an international environment. Even though it is not a 9 to 5 job, the work and people gave me a lot of energy.

My favorite case

During my internship I worked on a case for a global manufacturer of electronic equipment. The aim was to improve customer loyalty of their large enterprise accounts. We spent four days a week at the client's site in the UK, where they are based, and one day a week in Amsterdam. This made my internship a very intensive but also challenging experience. From day one onwards I was a full member of the team and worked on various tasks such as market analyses, building financial models, assessing surveys, and creating presentations.

My personal results story

Though the internship was only 12 weeks, I learned a lot. The learning curve is extremely steep. When I started I never expected that my analysis would appear in every client meeting and would provide very valuable insights for that client.

A final thought

If you are considering a career in strategy consulting visit different companies and talk to the people working there. Choose the company where you feel most at home because your colleagues are such an important factor in this type of job!

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