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Bain is very diverse.

Why Bain?

I have chosen Bain for three reasons:

1. Diversity: Over the last 5 years I have been involved in assignments across multiple industries: technology and telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods, banking and insurance and private equity. I have been working throughout Europe and in Australia, while acquiring a wide range of skills and competences over time

2. Flexibility: Although life at Bain is sometimes intense and challenging I have had the opportunity to move on at my very own rhythm, transferring to Sydney for a 6 month work period and taking a 2 month Leave-of-Absence

3. Last but not least, the People: "It's all about them"  

My passion

I love sports and I can assure you that this is not incompatible with the consulting job at Bain.  When in Australia I used to go for a run every morning along the Sydney Harbour.  In our office in Brussels we have monthly sporting events (ranging from running events to golf, tennis, baseball.)
Bain also organizes a yearly soccer tournament where all global offices play against each other. I haven't missed any so far from Milan to Boston.

My favorite case

I worked on a corporate M&A case for a month. We prepared the hostile takeover of the number 3 player in the industry (our client was number 1). We scanned every single detail. The deal got closed and is now turning on very positively. M&A cases are typically my favorites as they are intense, especially when hitting the press.

My personal results story

I was working on a case for a major telecom player. Our client asked us some help to craft its 5-year strategy. As my manager on the project was on holiday during part of the project I got the opportunity to step up and get exposure to the CEO. Our team did a fantastic job so the client ended up being pleased with the results. At the end of the case the CEO insisted upon inviting us for a drink in one of the neighboring bars, a wonderful memory given his seniority and track-record.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Bain is very diverse. I have worked with colleagues from most offices within the Bain network (from Brussels to Sydney, passing by Delhi or Mexico), with males and females, with people that have different sexual orientation. But Bain people share one major thing: the passion and energy they put in their everyday life and job.

A final thought

I love what I do and so do my colleagues.

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