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The things that make Bain unique are the amazing, down-to-earth colleagues and the unique team atmosphere in the office.

My passion

I love the way we manage to really collaborate with our clients to create results together, rather than just presenting them a report of our analysis. We not only try to have great spirit within the Bain team itself, but we also create a bonding with our counterparts on the client side. The reward from achieving big changes in an organization together with the client team makes me really proud to be at Bain.

My favorite case

My favorite case is one that we did recently, for a large consumer goods company. We reviewed their innovation strategy in their largest European markets and developed a framework to help them implement individual brand strategies time and time again, consistent with the overall strategy. It was funny to see later on some presentations from the clients themselves where they indeed developed their brand strategies according to the framework. And it became even more fun when I actually saw the results of our propositions lying on the shelf in the supermarket while doing grocery shopping.

My personal results story

On one of the cases for a big Bain client in consumer goods, I was working directly for the Brussels office head, in a team with a manager, myself as second-year AC, a first-year AC and an ACI. At a certain point in the case, our manager left on vacation, so I had to manage the team in his absence and report directly to the office head. Together with the team we made great progression and found some very interesting new insights. The office head was very impressed and he later told to my manager that I already had acted like a case team leader while he was away.

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