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At Bain, I have developed colleagues, mentors and friends who will remain so throughout my life.

Why Bain?

I first became interested in Bain because of its strong reputation in driving to results for its clients. I had heard many stories of how Bain focused on recommendations and plans that were feasible and realistic. This impressed me, not only because it is refreshing and takes guts, but because it really is the best way to support our clients for the long term. Bain's dedication to this was cemented in my mind when I found out that Bain often ties its own financial success to the successful implementation and completion of its recommendations. Such innovation and "putting their money where their mouth is" attitude was something I had not seen before.

However, the reason I chose Bain in the end was the people. I remember at one of the first recruiting presentations I attended, I was talking to a senior partner, and we ended up high-fiving over some shared connection. In that moment I knew the culture of Bain, with its minimal hierarchy, collegiate nature and true friendships, was the perfect place for me. As such, the relationships we have with each other have been a vital part of my growth and learnings since I have been here.

My passion

My biggest passion is working with and mentoring others. Bain has been extremely supportive of this. In terms of casework, my manager knew this was something I was excited about and gave me the opportunity to supervise and coach someone early on. I was also able to take leadership roles in office activities, and really enjoyed leading a group of great people to help throw a fantastic Spring Office Party!

My favorite case

My favorite case was working with a major IT services company to help them implement a major strategic initiative. While it sounds inconvenient, one of the best things about the case is that we were traveling together as a team to the client site 2-3 days a week. On a client level, this really allowed for us to be collaborative and work side-by-side with key individuals within the company. I definitely got to be part of important, company changing meetings that I would not have attended were we not traveling each week. Socially, I really appreciated that the entire team is staffed out of a single office. It made the travel so much more enjoyable, and allowed for us to build bonds that are still strong now that we are back in the office. Those bonds are precisely what make Bain the special place it is!

My personal results story

As a Summer Associate in 2008, I wasn't sure if I would be able to contribute much to the firm and our client in a short period of time. Boy, was I wrong. My manager gave me the task of finding tens of millions of dollars of costs to reduce from the procurement functions of a major insurance company. In the first weeks of the case I struggled a bit to understand how I could tackle this project, with no previous experience in the industry. However, a mere 10 weeks later I was able to put together not only a firm number of how much money the client could save, but also step by step processes on exactly what our clients had to do to achieve these savings. I never would have imagined I could ramp up and make an impact so quickly, but the people and processes that Bain has in place made it possible for me to do so.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

My favorite part of the diversity at Bain is the countless different ways that I have seen people at Bain balance their professional lives with their personal lives. I am consistently impressed by the flexible part-time options that Bain offers, and how true it is that employees who choose to work part-time are just as respected and revered as those who work full-time. Such flexibility, along with the opportunities to take structured time off to do things like work on an entrepreneurial venture, do an externship in a new field, or focus on life outside work, are the foundation of developing the strong, happy and dedicated group that I am proud to be part of.

A final thought

My biggest suggestion to those considering a career at Bain is to meet as many people as you can and have open, honest conversations about their careers and perspectives on the firm. What I hope you will find is that not only are there a wide variety of experiences, but also many different types of people that succeed and thrive here. In a job like consulting, making sure you are at a place where you both respect and like the people you work with is, I believe, crucial to your success. I have found a place where I have developed colleagues, mentors and friends who will remain so throughout my life, and I hope you will too!

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