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The best thing about Bain is the people, which are great professionals who know how work hard while still maintaining an incredible work atmosphere.

Why Bain?

Bain allows me to collaborate in the design of the strategy for top companies oriented towards obtaining outstanding results around the world. Furthermore, Bain offers me many professional development opportunities: continuous training, coaching from senior Bainies or the chance to do an MBA. But the best thing about Bain is the people, which are great professionals who know how work hard while still maintaining and incredible work atmosphere.

My passion

I joined Bain because it allows me to fulfill many of my passions: international experience and working for top companies in different industries, including Private Equity firms.
Outside Bain, my passions are travelling (which I do a lot because of my job) and doing all kind of sports (football, skiing, mountaineering, running, scuba diving.)

My favorite case

In my favorite case we worked for a European bank, redesigning the bank strategy and the whole banking system for that country. It can be really rewarding when the European Commission praises publicly the job you have done! What I really liked about this case was the impact of our decisions, which affected not only a company, but also a whole country. This case offered me many professional development opportunities and the chance to travel and work in a multicultural team. It was a really unique experience!

My personal results story

I can see a clear evolution in my social and professional skills since I joined Bain: I learnt how to find information really quickly, take ownership of my work, collaborate and add value in brainstorming sessions (even with senior people and experts), create a high impact and perfectionist output and be able to effectively work with people from different countries.
An example of a result I achieved in a recent case was when using a creative approach I made a model that made our client realize about the need to abandon the segments where they were competing and focus in much profitable (but not obvious!) ones.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Bain has an integrative culture which promotes cultural and ethnic diversity and gives many opportunities to everyone.
In one case I was working with one south American, three Europeans from different countries and two guys from the Middle East: 6 people, 8 different languages, 3 religions. That's pure diversity! This really helps in adopting creative solutions for solving the case, because everyone has different points of view and experiences that aid in their ideas.

A final thought

What really surprised me in Bain is the people here. The Bainies are amazing and really smart professionals, but also people who make your job enjoyable and help you develop in your career.
Bain is a great place if you want to participate in high impact projects, have international cross-industry experience and work in a fun and cooperative environment.
Bain is truly a great place!

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