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University of Michigan BBA
BA Film & Video Studies
  • Joined Bain as
  • MBA

My passion at Bain is for learning, and here I can learn from the best.

Why Bain?

Coming from a non-traditional background in the Entertainment industry, there were three things that were most important to me.  First, I knew I wanted to be at a place where constant learning and development are the norm, not just empty platitudes.  Second, I needed a company with a slightly eccentric culture that values a diversity of backgrounds and truly picks you up when you inevitably fall.  Finally, I wanted to work for a firm with a world-class reputation that would instantly lend credibility to my nascent business career.  As a result, there was really no other choice but Bain.

My passion

My passion at Bain is for learning, and here I can learn from the best.  I get to work on the biggest companies' most important problems.  I also have a passion for international experience, and I can get that through transfer programs.  Most of all, I have a passion for being respected and appreciated, something in short supply in the Entertainment industry.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

What I find inspiring is Bain's commitment to diversity of backgrounds, meaning work experience, education, etc.  I was concerned that consulting firms wouldn't value my unusual background in film and television, and many of them didn't.  But Bain recognizes that intelligence, problem-solving, passion and business sense don't necessarily come in formulaic packages.

A final thought

Besides practicing case interviews until you're blue in the face, the most salient advice I can give to recruits is to be yourself and follow your heart.  Don't try to act like you think the firm wants you to be - in the end, you'll both be disappointed.  And don't choose between offers based solely on money or where other people say you should go - you'll only set yourself up for failure.  Get to know the people and the culture, and listen to your gut.

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