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Queen's University
BScH, Major in Life Science & Minor in Economics

Bain has a generalist approach where each consultant works in a wide variety of industries, each of which is unique in its own way.

Why Bain?

During the recruiting process I had numerous opportunities to interact with Bainies.  As one would expect, they all spoke highly of the firm and stressed how great it is to work at Bain (which of course was all true!). One thing that impressed me was how they interacted with each other. They knew each other really well, even teasing each other at times and, most importantly, they enjoyed each other's company.  This camaraderie is the main reason why I joined Bain. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by and mentored by smart, dedicated, and fun individuals is what make this job so rewarding. My fellow Bainies are more than just the people that I work with; they are also my friends.

My passion

I am intrigued by the inner workings of different industries and how business leaders make decisions when a complex problem arises. Bain has a generalist approach where each consultant works in a wide variety of industries, each of which is unique in its own way. Through my work with Bain I have the opportunity to see everything from an insider's view. The cases we work on are often complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Being able to look at a problem from the perspective of the client's senior leadership team is unique for a recent university graduate and leads to unparalleled learning opportunities.

Outside of work, I tried to stay active in the community. For the past academic year, I was a Kid Coach for a Toronto-based organization called Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK). FPK is a registered charity that delivers mentoring programs to empower children and youth from underserved communities. I have developed a strong friendship with the Gr. 5 student that I was matched to. It was a rewarding experience and I plan on doing this again in the upcoming academic year.

My favorite case

My first case at Bain was a six month engagement with a local professional services firm. Our mandate was to assist the client in developing a five-year strategic plan. It was the first time I experienced what it was truly like to work at Bain. The manager and the other more experienced consultants on the case played a crucial role in my professional development. As I became comfortable in what I was doing, they gave me more responsibilities and pushed me to the next level. More importantly, I realized that the client was making decisions based on the analysis that I worked on! Even though I am new at Bain, my work has already had immense value.

On top of that, I had the opportunity to travel with my Senior Associate Consultant across Canada to visit the client's offices for two weeks. I was in Ottawa on the same day that President Obama was there. That morning I was having breakfast at my hotel and realized Peter Mansbridge, the CBC news anchor, was sitting at the table next to me! I got his autograph on my hotel bill and shook his hand. A few hours later, Peter Mansbridge was interviewing President Obama. That was a highlight of my business trip!

A final thought

I know most of you are more conscious about the case interview. There is one simple but universal equation you should keep in mind: Profit = Revenue - Cost. Structure the problem using this equation and follow your logic! If there are things that you do not understand, ask your interviewer.

Finally, enjoy the recruiting process. Don't forget,  this is also an opportunity for you to get to know us! Come out to the information session and talk to a Bainie or two afterwards. Ask us questions and we will do our best to answer them. Good luck!

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