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Even seven years and many case experiences later it is still the people who make me proud of being part of this firm.

Why Bain?

When interviewing with Bain I was really impressed by the people I met. All of them were truly passionate about their job and the results they had achieved with their clients. Besides that I had the impression that Bain values the different backgrounds and personalities of everyone and made me feel that Bain is the place I want to be. Even seven years and many case experiences later it is still the people who make me proud of being part of this firm.

My passion

Certainly, my key motivation of being at Bain is to work with my clients and the team on the best answers. But over the course of my career I recognized that my other passion is about helping others to grow. A continuous learning experience is why people join the firm and my aspiration is to ensure that every team member develops while working with me on a case or in any other situation. This includes not only creating case situations in which every team member can grow according to his/her needs, but also giving guidance and confidence in new situations. I also engage in local and global trainings as much as possible to share my experiences with people new to the job or the position. At the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than seeing people developing and taking the next steps.

My favorite case

Recently, we worked for a leading regional bank that wanted to pursue further growth in the mass retail segment while achieving a significant improvement of its cost-income-ratio. Bain was asked to conduct a strategy review to help the client to reach full potential profitability and growth. The first weeks were very intense as we had to quickly identify potential sales improvement and cost optimization levers, define the future business model and detail key initiatives to be pursued. But the one thing that really made the difference was the team: everybody was committed to the success of the case and the right answer, but at the same time having a lot of fun with the team, too. Acting as 'one team', despite the challenges we had was a great experience I never want to miss - and as we were asked to help the client with the implementation, too, our team could work together for almost another year.

My personal results story

From time to time, clients tend to be somewhat skeptical regarding the value consultants can add. Not necessarily on a board level, but rather within the client team. For me it is therefore always a great success when client team members who are skeptical in the first place are getting enthusiastic about the results of the case. Even more, when they regard the work as their personal achievement, too. In one situation a client who was really against the project and our involvement in the beginning wrote a long email to the CEO, thanking us for the work we have done at the end of the case. These are the moments I know that we have done a great job - and that the results of our work will have a long-lasting effect.

A final thought

Thinking about pursuing a career at Bain also means thinking about pursuing very different careers in a short timeframe - and to be able to succeed in all of them. Bain provides you with the right skill set for every level, ranging from data analysis for new consultants to team effectiveness for managers and selling for partners. Bain always supports you in being able to take the next step - and it is great to see how much Bain believes in you and your career within the firm.

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