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Why Bain? Well it's easy: Bain is unique.

Why Bain?

Well it's easy: Bain is unique. I believe this not only because of the professional skills of the people working here and the results that Bain delivers to its clients, but especially because of the environment inside the company.  Every single person you meet inside a team is more than a colleague, it's someone you enjoy spending time with, both during your work time and in your personal life.

My passion

My passions are simply to discover new experiences, to see new places, to face new challenges. Therefore Bain is a great place to work because it gives me the opportunity to travel (around Italy and other countries) and to come across different companies, each one of them having distinctive features and problems to be solved. It's also a good place to work for my personal interests (like football and motorbikes) thanks to the activities organized with colleagues and to the friendly relation created between us.

My favorite case

Initially we were asked to analyze a particular target of customers of a medium-sized Italian bank and to define the main guidelines for facing the increasing challenge by competitors. The top management was extremely satisfied by our analysis (which made me truly happy because I was the only analyst on the team) and therefore decided to give us the responsibility of planning and implementing the entire commercial campaign for the specific segment. I was given my own panel of responsibilities, and managing the arising problems during every single step of the process (from idea generation to launch on the market) almost by myself (of course with some hints/tips from the manager or the partner) made me really increase my abilities and my self-confidence.

My personal results story

Ones of the greatest results I achieved during my first year at Bain was the great relationships I was able to build with my clients and the trust they had in my deliveries. I achieved this by always being reliable and sincere, even if it meant going against the client's first thoughts (of course, you have to be careful and do it in the right way).

A final thought

It's useless to lie about yourself during an interview. Not only because it won't help you reach any positive results, but especially because you won't be able to fully understand if the company is the right one you. I followed this same advice and am extremely satisfied about my experience and my life at Bain.

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