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Being a mentor for junior members of the firm has taught me a lot about myself.

Why Bain?

Early during my MBA I realised I wanted to work in consulting. Bain's on-campus recruiting was much more genuine and positive than those of the other firms recruiting that year. During the interview process I really felt the people at Bain had values and attitude to life and work that were very similar to my own. In the end, the choice was easy. The culture and people made all the difference.

My passion

I am married with two young children and I make sure I spend a lot of quality time with my family. Bain has a strong commitment to achieving a sustainable work/life balance and many staff in the Australian practice have young children. For me, I don't need to choose between family and work. I have both.

My favorite case

I have worked on a large range of projects since I joined Bain. One of the most exciting was being part of the post-merger integration team for one of the largest corporate deals ever made in this country.

My personal results story

At Bain I feel I have impact every day. Both in terms of client impact, but equally importantly in growing and developing the people on my team. I get real satisfaction in helping junior team members get promoted to the next level. On the client side, it is hugely rewarding when the clients personally thank me for the help we have given them. They know they could not have achieved the results without our help.

A final thought

When making a decision about where to work, think about how the values and attitudes of the people in the firm match yours. You will be spending a lot of time with these people, so they better be fun to hang around. Good luck.

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