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University of Otago
BS, Physcial Therapy
University of Otago
MS, Anatomy
University of Queensland
PhD, Neuroscience/Physical therapy

Bain is fantastic at welcoming a really diverse group of people with a range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise.

Why Bain?

I have been at Bain for 9 years, and every few years I re-make my decision to be at Bain. The first time, I chose Bain because I was looking for a challenge in a fun environment and to learn new things. I came from a non-business background (Physiotherapy, followed by PhD in Neuroscience) and was attracted to the idea of learning a completely different skill set. Since then, my decisions to stay at Bain have been about both my clients and the flexibility I have at Bain. For my clients, I find it incredibly motivating to help them make an impact on their organisations and to build relationships with them that last beyond our projects together. For flexibility, Bain has allowed me to realize other life goals while continuing to progress my career. I've been on transfer, taken extended leave without pay to learn a new language, and taken extended maternity leave to spend time with my daughter. Bain let's me do all this while stepping in and out of my role relatively easily, which is not something my friends and clients in other organisations can say!

My experience at Bain

Soon after I joined, I jumped at the opportunity to take a transfer to the Helsinki office. This has been a great experience for me. Not only did I get to experience a new culture, and work with a new group of Bainees, but I got great exposure to a great new range of industries that I would not have been able to work on out of Sydney. One of the things you start to appreciate when you do go on transfer is how supportive and friendly Bainees are all over the world. The Helsinki office is a fantastic place to work and I have made lots of new friends. My overall experience has been so positive. I have managed to have a great time and met lots of new people whilest continually learning in a challenging environment.

My passion

My passion at Bain is my client relationships. I have always been a 'people person', and consulting lets me meet, and get to know, new people all the time. There is nothing I find more rewarding than helping a client 'crack' their problem, and in doing so, build a lasting relationship with them. I love that I can now count a significant number of my previous clients as friends, and that they continue to come to me to bounce ideas for their problems, teams, and careers off me.

Even before joining Bain, I had a passion for good food and wine, and, I don't know if it's good or bad that Bain has only encouraged this passion! We are a company that likes to celebrate over a good meal, and we use bottles of fantastic wine to recognize and reward people. Bain also allows me to travel a lot, and explore the food and wine of other countries.

My favorite case

My favourite recent case was to support members of the Australian business community to prepare for the 'B20' held in Australia last year. (The B20 is the private sector forum that engages with the G20). Bain had been asked to support the Australian organizing committee for the B20 to prepare effective workshops and discussion topics for the meeting. My role was to search across all of Bain's recent work, globally, to find expertise and topics relevant to global growth challenges like trade, unemployment, capital investments, etc. It was amazing to see how much of our work with large corporates touches upon these important issues, and to bring some of this work to bear for discussion at the B20/G20 level. Following my involvement on the project, another Bain team conducted a piece of work on global barriers to cross-border trade, to identify actions that both Governments and Corporates can take to remove those barriers, which formed a core part of the G20 recommendations.

A final thought

My main advice to applicants is to be yourself. Bain wants to get to know the real you. Bain is fantastic at welcoming a diverse group of people with a range of backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Additionally, when you are thinking about where you would like to work you should really think about where you think you would be comfortable.  I could have found challenging work in a variety of career paths, but having a supportive group of people around me at Bain has been a great way for me to develop professionally and has helped me take on any challenge that has presented itself to me.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

Diversity at Bain is incredibly important to me, because I see the value that our diverse environment brings every single day. For me, diversity is about having different ways of tackling a problem or interpreting a client situation. The benefit of working as a team is that we bring those diverse ideas to the table, and drive towards a better solution or recommendation. As a Manager, this means I need to do a good job of listening to the ideas of all my team members, and, if their approach doesn't match mine, then think about how to get the best out of both ideas!

Linked to this, I am also passionate about the topic of gender diversity, and have worked with an organisation called Chief Executive Women on this topic since I was an Associate Consultant. We have conducted primary research together, which has shown that, on average, females in the workforce tend to have a different approach to solving problems than men do. This is one of several root causes behind why women are under-represented in leadership positions in the corporate environment. At Bain, we are intent upon creating a working environment that values different styles and perspectives, so that we can bring all of these to bear for our client's problems.

Finally we recognize that this isn't the only key to increasing the number of women in our leadership team - improving how we enable flexible working options (for both women and men) is also key. I have recently returned following 12 months maternity leave and am working full time while my partner (also from Bain) takes 9 months off. When he comes back to work, we will both be part time. While we're not sure how long we will want to continue this model, it's amazing to be able to prioritise our family needs at the moment!

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