Associate Consultant, Amsterdam

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I believe the people at Bain are the most passionate and supportive in the industry.

Why Bain?

My international internship in Boston made me realize that the people you work with have the most impact on your success and the pleasure in your career. I believe the people at Bain are the most passionate and supportive in the industry. I still experience every day how people never pass up an opportunity to help you learn and how everyone has fun together both during work hours and outside of them. This makes Bain for me the best place to work.

My passion

I have a passion to travel and to meet new people. I love to travel around the world during my holidays. Now at Bain, I have the opportunity to do this during work.

We often work with people from different nationalities in a team. Working closely with each other is one of the best ways to get to know someone and to learn about different cultures. Next to that there are plenty of opportunities to work abroad,  as I did for example during my internship in Boston.
Furthermore all the international trainings and international events such as the worldwide soccer cup make sure that you have Bain friends across the globe with whom you meet regularely.

My favorite case

A case that I especially liked was the project where our team helped a bank to increase revenues by increasing customer loyalty. We were able to show that a more loyal customer generates more revenues (and profit) and find what drives this customer loyalty. It was impressive to see how powerful this anaylsis was. The analysis became the starting point of important changes that will make the bank more successful. It was fanastic to feel how we as a Bain team created change and could make a difference for the bank.

A final thought

I think that the decision where you want to work is mainly a choice of with whom you want to work with. The people you work with determine what you can do, what you learn and the fun you have at work. Therefore I suggest you to meet people from different firms and go work for the firm that feels right for you!

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