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Bainies are down-to-earth, personable and passionate.

Why Bain?

Bain is different. The people and the culture are unique and Bain really values the benefit of each individual's background. Bainies are down-to-earth, personable and passionate. The consulting job requires a lot of personal investment and that is why it is so important to work with people sharing the same values and having the same dedication. When I decided to start at Bain I knew that I would wake up each morning looking forward to a great day at work, because each and everybody has a whole lot of fun doing this job. And even after 22 years, this is still the case.

My passion

I am passionate about finding the best results for our clients, together with my talented and dynamic teams. It is great to see how people develop and grow. It gives me great pleasure to see how colleagues I recruited a few years ago have evolved into great team leaders or managers.

Outside the office I am passionate about my family and sailing. At some point, I would love to sail across the Atlantic together with my wife and my two sons.

My personal results story

The greatest success is always when we, as a team, deliver true results that stick and lead to substantial changes for our clients. Strategic projects are often seen as something abstract. To experience how they are implemented and how they really improve the clients' performance is the biggest reward for our efforts.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

We face very diverse challenges in our daily client business which require a wide range of professional and social competences, experiences and backgrounds. Thus a good mixture of people with different gender, ethnicity, culture, education and seniority is the key success factor for our teams and our client work.

A final thought

If you are passionate, curious, down-to-earth and willing to make a true difference in all the things you do, Bain is your best career choice! Be yourself in the competitive interview process, because we are searching for unique individuals who can contribute to our great and diverse culture. No matter where your career will take you in the future, Bain will provide you with all the professional and personal skills you will need to succeed. The most important thing is to be yourself, be curious and seek to exceed your own limits. And yes, all that with a sense of humor.

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