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Kyoto University
Bachelor of Law
  • Joined Bain as
  • MBA

Bain has a friendly yet practical culture, which has made the work environment productive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm.

Why Bain?

Bain provided the perfect place to make the most of what I had learned after getting my MBA in Paris. I really wanted to gain exposure to working on both turnaround projects and financial services, which are both areas I have a long-held personal interest in. At the same time, Bain also has a friendly yet practical culture, which has made the work environment productive, vibrant and full of enthusiasm.

My passion

Everyday at Bain I always feel as though I am being challenged and, most importantly, I really enjoy what I do. I have been particularly excited to be involved in a client relationship that went from brand new to one of our office's largest client success stories. Languages have also been a longtime passion of mine and this is another area that I have had great opportunities to develop at Bain. Serving a wide range of international clients, frequently based across multiple offices, has given me unique exposure to partnering with clients from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  

My favorite case

I often seek to work on financial services cases when opportunities arise. These cases not only leverage my previous work in the banking sector, but also help me to put into practice a lot of the skills I learned at business school. In one particular case, we were working for one of the largest financial services companies in Japan. As part of the project my role was to manage the customer segmentation workstream. Based on what I found in my work, we suggested to them that they should provide financial services products based on a proper customer segmentation, which has very rarely been done in the industry. It was exciting to propose a radical reform of the foundation of an industry which has existed for many decades.

My Bain experience

Since joining Bain, everything I have been involved with has exceeded my expectations. One of the greatest aspects that I didn't fully appreciate before I joined was the training programs. All the sessions that I have attended have been both incredibly well organized and globally integrated-something which I never experienced at work before coming to Bain. Not only this, but Bain people have a great down-to-earth-attitude and a solid sense of humor!

A final thought

Bain makes a fantastic effort to continually develop your skills and help you in your career. As part of this, Bain provides a wide range of facilities and opportunities to help in your personal development, whether in training, internal resources, or a great group of colleagues who you can always rely on.

When thinking about where to apply I think there are a few crucial questions you should ask yourself. Think about what you are passionate about and what drives you. At the same time think about how you can have an impact on society. I personally think Bain makes a fantastic place to begin or continue a career at the highest level, and provides an opportunity not only to make a fundamental difference to the businesses you work for, but also for the wider community and world.

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