Associate Consultant, Dallas

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University of Texas at Austin
BBA, Business Honors and Finance; BA, Plan II Honors

The Bain culture is a unique way of business and life...

Why Bain?

I chose Bain because of the positive impressions I received from each and every Bainie I interacted. The idea of "A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail" and the "Work Hard, Play Hard" culture resonated with me, and I knew I wanted to work for a company that would challenge me and invest in my development. Bain is that company.

From first-hand experience, I can attest that the Bain culture isn't a Kool-Aid that is force-fed to new hires; rather, the Bain culture is a unique way of business and life that makes working at Bain so rewarding and fulfilling.

My passion

The emphasis on mentorship and professional and personal development at Bain never ceases to amaze me. Through formal, standardized channels as well as informal outlets, Bain ensures that I am making the most out of my experiences and that I am being challenged and developing in the areas that I want and need. Through the various relationships I have formed with my superiors and peers, I know there is someone I can always turn to for advice, for comfort, to give honest criticism, and to celebrate my successes.

A final thought

I'm proud to say that I LOVE my job. Many of my classmates from college cannot say the same thing. Bain challenges me, keeps me on my toes, and rewards me with the ability to make real impacts on businesses. No other job provides you with opportunity to develop as much as management consulting, and no other firm sustains an environment which makes the job as fun and rewarding as Bain.

Recruiting can be stressful; however, take the time to meet as many Bainies as you can. Learn from their personal experiences, and you will find that despite each Bainie's unique personality, life path, and future aspirations, it is the amalgamation of all these individuals that make Bain so wonderful.

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