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Your colleagues are always willing to drop what they are doing to help you.

Why Bain?

At Bain we work on some of the most important issues facing the biggest and best companies.  This means that the work we do, the exposure we get, and the people we work with, create huge learning opportunities.

I chose Bain because I felt that it would provide me with the best learning environment post my undergraduate degree. 

Bain fosters a culture where success is not attained at the expense of your peers but rather at their mutual success - 'a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail'.  When I first started as an intern, I was hugely impressed by the way my supervisors would consistently thank me for my work in emails to Managers/Partners (sometimes overplaying what I actually did!).

My passion

I have always been interested in Private Equity/M&A transactions and, as the clear market leader in Private Equity consulting, Bain was a natural choice.  Having expressed this interest early on, the Bain leadership has proactively provided me with some of the best experiences and opportunities available. 

I have worked on numerous due diligences for PE firms across a diverse range of industries, I have helped develop and pursue an M&A strategy for a corporation and helped a limited partnership to implement a strategy for allocating funds among PE general partnerships.

Bain has also enabled me to pursue my interests in the non-profit sector.  I have been heavily involved in the Bain partnership with the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership in Singapore to develop the business skills of the Non-Profit leadership (Executive Directors and other Senior Executives).

My favorite case

My favorite case was for a world class company, a market leader in numerous industries, who tasked us to discover why they had fallen behind several key competitors in certain industries/markets.  I enjoyed this case because it had all the makings of 'Bain at our best'; we were given 3 weeks to get smart, get the right answer and package it such that it created an impact. 

The work was extremely challenging but our team came together, leveraging all the resources at our disposal, and created some high impact work.  Needless to say, the client was very impressed with what we could do in such a tight timeframe.

My personal results story

My favorite results story dates back to when I was an intern.  I was working on a due diligence for a Private Equity firm on an asset in the technology sector.  My task was to add color to the dynamics of the competitive landscape through cold calling industry participants.  In a call with a particularly gracious interviewee, our target was cited as being in 'big trouble' (language has been toned down) because its biggest customer (~40% of sales) was about to go under.  Knowing 'what to look for' assisted us in finding the information to support this claim and we saved our client from doing a bad investment.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

We had a funny moment in a taxi when I first started my current case.  My team discovered that we were communicating in four distinctive accents (English, Italian, French and Dutch), and as a result, we each had to repeat ourselves several times throughout the introductions.  Our communication has since acclimatized - although our food tastes are taking a little longer than expected! 

A final thought

If you are happiest when you are learning lots, fast, then Bain is the place for you.  You will be thrown into the deep end. frequently. but you get used to it, and your colleagues are always willing to drop what they are doing to help you.

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