Principal, Singapore

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I chose Bain because it gives me the opportunity to work with smart, fun people in an open and supportive culture.

Why Bain?

After a solid experience in high tech, I wanted to move to a career where I could work across different functions and industries, have real impact on my clients' results, and learn something new every day.

I chose Bain because it gives me the opportunity to work with smart, fun people in an open and supportive culture.

My passion

On a case, I am passionate about two things: how much and how fast I can learn from clients, colleagues, and partners; and how we can work together with clients to tackle the toughest business challenges in innovative ways.

Out of the office, I am a keen sailor and I greatly enjoy living in Southeast Asia: the region is fast-growing, culturally rich and diverse, and blessed with natural beauty. I am fond of travelling and I think Singapore is the perfect springboard.

My favorite case

I am currently working for a multinational company on the strategy to achieve breakthrough growth in China, in collaboration with our Greater China office.

Coming from Europe, I am really excited about this case. Everybody knows that the growth is in China now, but few global companies make the right strategic choices and some of them failed to win in China. I was eager to learn the real differences between China and the West and the key success factors to do business in China.

I am gaining extensive exposure to the clients' leadership team and in-depth understanding of the market in a very short time. At the same time, I really cherish the collaboration with the client, and the opportunity to learn from client executives and Bain partners who have extensive knowledge of the Chinese market.

My personal results story

On a recent case, I was unexpectedly called in by a senior client executive to brainstorm with his team on a strategic growth opportunity that had surfaced in the last few days. He had just learned about it and he wanted to hear how I would approach the problem, despite this was not part of the project. I found this very rewarding, as it meant that we had succeeded in winning the client's trust and he was seeing us as trusted partners for his key business decisions.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

In the Singapore office people come from all sorts of backgrounds - some started as associate consultants, some are industry hires, some were recruited after their MBA, some joined Bain from other firms. You learn a lot from interacting with your colleagues and I really believe leveraging such a diverse talent pool really enables us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

A final thought

If you are considering a career in consulting, you are surely excited by the diversity of projects and the learning experience, but the single most important thing - the one that will make you love the job - is the people. Choose the firm in which you see people that resonate with you. Take the recruitment process as you would take a case: prepare well, show your passion, enjoy cracking the problems. And use interviews as a tool to learn more about the firm.

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