Xue Min

Consultant, Singapore

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Cornell University
BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I am thankful that there are flexible options at Bain for me to explore juggling both a career and a new family.

Why Bain?

When I first stepped into the Bain office for interviews, I was struck by the air of friendliness around me. Indeed, upon joining Bain, I found the Bain culture to be just as warm and welcoming as it looks on the outside. It is also this friendly and supportive culture that bonds people together. Many of my teammates have now become my closest friends.

In addition, Bain's nurturing culture helps bring out the best in its people. This makes teamwork all the more synergistic and empowering. I consider it a privilege to have experienced the extraordinary power of teamwork which harnesses the collective intelligence of the bright individuals that make up the Bain team. I believe this is a unique advantage of Bain that is difficult to replicate any where else. 

My passion

On the job, I relish the opportunity to work with clients from a diverse range of industries. I find it exciting and enriching to gain insights into different businesses, with coverage at a speed and depth that no other job provides. 
Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my baby girl and watching her grow. I am thankful that there are flexible options at Bain for me to explore juggling both a career and a new family.


My favorite case

My most memorable case is one in which we spent more than a year working alongside our clients, developing practical solutions and leading them to implementation in the field. From the collaborative effort, my working relationships with some of the client team members developed into friendships that outlasted the project and continues on today.

My personal results story

I recently led an "out-of-the box" approach to cracking a case. It involved using dynamic simulation modeling to gain insights into the client's operations. This novel approach was an eye-opener for our client who immediately endorsed and implemented our solution. It was also a new methodology for Bain to serve other such clients in the same industry sector. Internally, our results were presented and logged into our global knowledge base for sharing.

Looking back, I am grateful for the Partners', Manager's and team's open-mindedness and support as we explored this "experimental" method in the initial phase. It was a fulfilling learning journey for everyone involved.   

My perspective on diversity at Bain

When I first joined Bain, there were times when I jokingly wished that my colleagues would all be the same as me (i.e., no diversity), so that we would always be in agreement and do everything the same way. However, if that were true, life at Bain would have been very boring and I would not have learnt anything!

Diversity, across every dimension, is what makes the Bain experience interesting and enriching. Learning to work with different people at Bain is what prepares us to adapt well to different clients' work styles and culture. This is a valuable skill that I will take with me through life. 

A final thought

Come talk to us! There is only this much we can write on one page. Nothing beats a chat with a real Bainie if you want to know more about life at Bain.

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