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Stanford University
BA, Economics

We have a collective group of passionate, action-oriented people who give me energy every single day.

Why Bain?

When I was interviewing for jobs while in university, I always asked my interviewers the same two questions, "are you excited by your job?" and then "why are you excited to come to work in the morning?". Each Bain interviewer replied without hesitation that it was the awesome people whom they got to work with every single day. And very truthfully, that statement can not be more true and it is definitely why I continue to be so excited and uplifted by this company. We have a collective group of passionate, action-oriented people who give me energy every single day.

My passion

My passion at Bain is to coach and enable my clients to push beyond their internal and external boundaries to achieve extraordinary results they did not think themselves capable of.

My passion outside the office is to increase the profile of sustainable farming, especially in Asia, because I strongly believe that natural resources are limited and that it is important that we think about the preserving these resources.

My favorite case

I'm currently on a retail bank-wide transformation project in a developing country in Asia. I've been on the case for the past 11 months and it has been extremely rewarding because this case spans the whole range from the design of the solution to its implementation. This case has given me the opportunity to work very closely with the clients and really to empower them to bring about change in an organization which has previously been risk adverse.

My personal results story

Bain has given me to opportunity to learn how to deliver holistic, ground-breaking change throughout an organization through getting buy in from the frontline all the way to the C-level suite. By having the opportunity to tackle this through multiple, long-term cases, I have honed my skills in this mode of results delivery and have been able to motivate both my internal Bain and external client team to transform their organization.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

I've been in highly diverse environments my whole life, growing up with New York City and then attending Stanford University for my undergrad and HBS for grad school. However even in comparison to these benchmarks, I found Bain to be an extremely diverse company where the diversity manifests itself not only in terms of the backgrounds of its employees but also in terms of the ideologies, beliefs, personal interests and expression. Thus this diversity actually adds so much color to our work and helps us drive to the best result for our clients.

A final thought

Companies are nothing more than the people who make up that company. As such, ensure that both you AND the company are good fits for each other. Ask yourself the honest and tough questions about whether you can see yourself at the company even if things start getting rough. And if you still believe that you want to be there, only then should you really join the firm.

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