Partner, Singapore

I believe that our commitment to diversity and highly inclusive culture are key reasons why we won the Aon Hewitt "Best Employer" Award in 2011.

Why Bain?

Since I had already been in consulting for 6 years, I knew the industry well. What attracted me to Bain was 3 key things: 

The type of work: Bain in South-east Asia was working with a diverse range of clients all across Asia - including MNCs, leading local companies, PE funds and government. I wanted this broad-based exposure to different client types. 
The people and culture: I was always struck by the 'work-hard, play-hard' ethos of Bain & Company consultants. As someone who lives life to the fullest, this cultural uniqueness matched me well. 
The ability to 'chart my own course': I knew that Bain allows (and even encourages) diversity in the individual career experiences one has. Over the years, I have worn many different hats including: helping MNCs develop their LCC (low-cost country) migration strategies, working on the China / India growth strategies of a few of the world's largest MNCs, supporting Asian SWFs (sovereign wealth funds) in finding and executing investments and building Bain's private equity business in Asia.

My passion

At Bain, I am passionate both about our people and our clients!

On the client front, helping an executive to either take action on something they were initially reluctant to do OR helping them to avoid a poor decision at extremely rewarding moments.

With people, seeing bright, young, energetic new recruits go on to emerge as successful leaders (at Bain or in their chosen fields) is a tremendously satisfying feeling.

Outside of the office, I enjoy sending time with my family. When in Singapore, my typical weekend days revolved around my kids' sporting activities and evenings with my wife and friends. Beyond Singapore, we also enjoy travel.with Nepal and France being some of our recent highlights.

My favorite case

One of my favorite recent cases has been a multi-month journey helping one of the world's largest SWFs (sovereign wealth funds) to develop a long-term investment strategy for investing in the private equity (PE) asset class.

One of the initial challenges was to convince their Investment Committee on the long-term value of investing in PE. Having done that, we needed to develop a clear plan for them to deploy Billions of dollars on an annual basis (in a systematic manner across segments and geographies) and to develop an internal organization and processes to facilitate this strategy shift.

I have really enjoyed the intellectual challenge, the teaming with some of our most successful PE-focused partners globally and the satisfaction of watching the client absorb and act on the recommendations.

My personal results story

I am extremely proud of what our PE focused teams across Asia have done over the last 5 years to build a market-leading PE/financial investor consulting practice; focused on helping our clients find, execute and realize substantial value from their investments

I'm also really proud of the role I have played on internal functions. For several years, I was the HR partner in SE Asia.and had a hand in developing and refining many of the great people practices we have in place today. We now have a super HR team that carries this forward. Additionally, I'm now working closely with our marketing team to drive a series of content and networking based events across our core geographies in SE Asia.which is a lot of fun!

My perspective on diversity at Bain

I believe that our commitment to diversity and highly inclusive culture are key reasons why we won the Aon Hewitt "Best Employer" Award in 2011.


A final thought

It is important that you form your own views on Bain & Company; this is best done by spending time with current or former employees anywhere in the world.

One way or another, our paths will probably it as a recruit, a potential client or just a friend of someone else who works at Bain!


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