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Seoul National University
BA, Business Administration

Passion for results and one-team spirit.

Why Bain?

Passion for results and one-team spirit to deliver on that passion has led me to Bain. When I was in university, I set up a venture start-up with friends and went through countless trials and challenges. Among several obstacles, most challenging was the lack of wide-ranging business insight. Following the failure, I was advised to work at a consulting firm to build a keen eye for business management.

Working as a research assistant at Bain & Company, I learned what consulting is about. Watching in person how the consultants were committed to delivering actionable and practical results, not just reports, I realized that I finally found where I wanted to be.

My passion

I think that Bain is the best  place to work for those who are eager to learn. I applied for Bain with a strong desire to learn about business. At Bain, every Bainie makes an effort to help each other out both professionally and personally. At work, everyone is both a teacher and a student. Beyond work, both official and unofficial mentoring is available where I am guided and coached on my ultimate career goal, which is becoming an entrepreneur.

My favorite case

My favorite case would be the new business strategy project for a leading domestic media company. The key question of the project was, how to build the most cost-efficient and profitable broadcasting company in the already saturated broadcasting industry facing daunting challenges such as the launch of internet-based broadcasting service?  The process of analyzing the broader broadcasting industry, preparing for the set up of new broadcasting company, and developing the growth strategy made me feel as if I was the owner of the company. Since I am greatly interested in the entertainment business this was an invaluable experience.

My personal results story

I was proud of myself when I read an article describing how my client, a leading food service company, achieved strong performance through the operational performance improvement project with Bain. Following the project, which covered sales organization, performance enhancement, and purchasing cost reduction, the client was so satisfied with the outcome that three additional projects were launched.  I was able to reconfirm my contribution when I read another article a year later that described how the client ranked number one in terms of both sales and profitability.

A final thought

I think that 'development' and 'growth' are the most valuable assets Bain has to offer. Bain is an attractive place to work because every minute spent working is a learning experience. Serious deliberations and relentless pursuit of True North has laid the foundation for me to work with a high level of confidence for wherever I end up in the future.

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