Partner, Singapore

Every project is different in its challenges.

Why Bain?

I joined Bain for two main reasons: The culture was younger, more dynamic, and less formal than other major consulting firms and I wanted the opportunity to live and work around the world and Bain offered that. In my first decade at Bain I moved offices five times and worked in even more countries. In my second decade at Bain, I've had the chance to put down roots in Singapore; a home that wasn't even on my radar screen 15 years ago.

My passion

I tremendously enjoy being a part of our office and the region's rapid growth and development. It's wonderful to see people coming in fresh and inexperienced and in just a few years becoming sophisticated and successful consultants.

I also find it very rewarding to watch the executives, I work with, develop and grow and to be a part of their success.

Outside of the office, I enjoy my family, my two young children, and I appreciate that I can organize my work so that I get to spend a lot of time with them.

My favorite case

One of my most exciting recent experiences was the turnaround of an airline. It was extremely challenging given the pressure of their financial situation and the low morale in the organization. However, the CEO was highly capable and inspiring. We were able to achieve big improvements quickly by focusing on a few areas and working side by side with the management team to make and implement decisions. It was tough but extremely rewarding. We had a great team and we developed strong personal relationships with many of our clients which have lasted.

My personal results story

I'm personally very proud of what our team has achieved in SE Asia. We've grown quickly but more importantly we have an amazing diversity of people, over 20 nationalities. All who, while having different backgrounds, styles, and personalities, come together to do great work for our clients, develop each other, and contribute back to our community.

My perspective on diversity at Bain

We've got tremendous diversity of people in our office in terms of nationality, race, and religion. In a way, it's emblematic of the trading centre that Singapore is. It's not always easy to make it work but I think we are all convinced that this diversity is our unique advantage and provides each of us with wonderful life changing experiences.

A final thought

I continue to be amazed how fresh and intense the Bain experience continues to be. Every project is different in its challenges, every team is unique, the required degree of knowledge and sophistication keeps on going up, and you always learn something new in an unstuffy, collaborative, and fun environment.

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