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At the office

Case Team Experience: Learn how a Bain case team applies their expertise, passion and energy to build enduring results for one of Bain's global social sector partners.

At Bain, you will develop strong relationships because of our unique office-centric business model.

You'll be an active member of a team from day one. We believe that teamwork creates more value and generates more opportunities than individuals working alone. As part of a team you will work together to identify information sources, interview clients' customers and competitors, and gather and interpret data.

Bain's office-centric model helps you develop deep and supportive relationships. You will work with your office colleagues, case after case, creating a strong team environment. You'll also establish productive and long-standing mentor relationships in your local office, where senior leadership is truly invested in your career.

At Bain, every day is different. Read more about the way we work and see examples of how you can build a great career at Bain.