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Associate Consultant Intern (ACI)

Associate Consultant Intern (ACI)

Bain's Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) program is ideal for top-performing undergraduate students (typically between their third and fourth year), and for master's candidates considering a management consulting career after graduation.

What to expect?

As an ACI, your summer begins with a week of intensive training delivered by experienced consultants and similar to that received by new Associate Consultants (ACs). After training, you are immediately assigned to an active case (and may be asked to travel to the client site). Workstreams vary, but ACIs, like ACs, are commonly responsible for: data gathering and analysis; industry research; interviewing key clients, customers, and suppliers; and presenting their findings to the team. In this role, you are exposed to a variety of business issues and quickly learn the fundamentals of Bain's core tools.

Key learning at Bain

The ACI program provides broad exposure to the consulting industry and business strategy, in-depth training in the critical skills of effective consultants, and continuous hands-on learning through full-time immersion on a Bain case team. ACIs gain a thorough understanding of the Bain client, its operations, its industry, and the business challenges it faces. Each intern is paired with a consultant on the case team who provides supervision, guidance, and coaching throughout the summer as well as formal feedback at the mid-point and conclusion of the program.

Best internship experience

Bain's AC internships are recognized by the career website Vault as one of the top 10 all-around internship experiences. The ranking takes into consideration mentorship availability, career advancement opportunities, capacity for learning, compensation, industry clout and work culture.

ACIs benefit from the mentorship of Bain's experienced consulting staff and our collegial office environment, forging close relationships with both other ACIs and more experienced consulting staff. While the ACI program is a vigorous learning experience, ACIs also have the opportunity for enriching activities such as meetings with Bain's practice area leaders, social events and access to our world-class professional development and training programs. While at Bain, many ACIs also choose to join Bain's intramural sports, the AC-run non-profit consulting group Inspire, and other office-specific organizations.

What comes next?

At the end of the summer, ACIs who have met performance expectations will receive an offer to return full-time as an associate consultant once they have graduated from college or university.