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Associate Consultant

Bain associate consultants (ACs) are a diverse group of highly qualified people with a wide range of backgrounds, from hard science to literature. The AC position offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain broad business exposure in a challenging environment where the primary rewards are learning and having a clear impact. Generally, ACs join directly out of college or university, from a Master's program, or after less than three years of work experience. It's a great way to set yourself up for future success—at Bain and beyond.

ACs are the heart and soul of our organization. They are our frontline in developing powerful insights and driving results for our clients. We invest heavily in our ACs, and that investment pays off: many go on to become leaders at Bain, launch their own businesses or to become senior executives at some of the world's most notable companies.

Meet Associate consultants at Bain

  • Dan


  • Adam


  • Diego


  • Patrick


  • Maggie


  • Dorian


  • Shalini


  • Artur


  • Roel


  • Emily


  • Tyler


  • Annie


  • Lydia


  • Malini


  • Michel


  • Alice


  • Matthew


  • Olivier


  • Claire


  • Justin


  • Rebecca


  • Kevin


  • Nick


  • Paul


  • Jobke


  • Stephen


  • Tyler


  • Kate


  • Valerie


  • Eser



Responsibility and growth

Throughout your time as an AC, you'll learn, be stretched, and grow at an incredible pace. In addition to hands-on experience, formal global training programs will teach you the diverse skills you need to succeed as a business leader.

As a Bain AC, you will get a chance to make an impact right away, and no two days will be exactly alike. Your work on case teams will involve:

  • Structuring and performing analysis, and conducting primary research, to uncover the insights that support our recommendations to clients
  • Presenting at team and client meetings, and determining the most practical way to drive lasting results based on your insights

These responsibilities provide an unparalleled range and depth of opportunities:

  • Working with clients from Fortune 500 companies, to mid-sized firms, to private equity firms, to start-ups
  • Taking on stimulating challenges including corporate and business unit strategy, mergers and acquisitions, organizational design, sales and marketing optimization, and manufacturing and distribution improvements
  • Engaging with fast-changing industries including consumer goods and retail, technology and telecommunication, financial services, industrial products, and many others

Also, by collaborating with managers, senior consultants, and clients daily, you'll make valuable professional connections. The informal mentoring that comes from working closely alongside your talented teammates will quickly fill any gaps in your industry knowledge—and you'll be surprised at how soon you start mentoring others yourself. Not least, you will build long-lasting friendships with your supportive, inspiring AC peers. After two or three years, you'll be amazed by the diversity of your collective accomplishments and the strength of your network.

What comes next?

ACs who perform well and show outstanding promise are generally promoted to senior associate consultants (SACs). In this role, your experience and maturity allow you to analyze more complex problems and develop deeper and higher-level client relationships. SACs learn to construct complex, strategic solutions and take on greater leadership within their case teams.

In the meanwhile, many ACs take advantage of Bain's vast externship and international transfer opportunities. For an extended period of time, you can apply your Bain skills on-site at one of our clients or nonprofit partners or experience a new culture by immersing yourself in one of our international offices.

As a Bain AC, you may also have the chance to pursue an advanced degree in business or another field at one of the world's elite graduate schools. Many Acs go on to earn MBAs, then return to Bain with an offer that includes full-tuition reimbursement.

But these are decisions for the future. In the short term, Bain invests vast time, energy and expertise into helping train and advance our ACs. For young professionals launching business careers, there's no better place to be than Bain.