Interview preparation

Interview preparation

“Interviews”, who doesn’t hear that word with a mixture of excitement and dread? We know that most of us at Bain do so we’ve tailored our candidate evaluation process to be as fair and, dare we say it, as enjoyable as possible for our interviewees and our interview teams, who have to conduct a lot of them in a short space of time. Rest assured that we’re not looking to interrogate you, but rather cultivate an environment that promotes a series of productive and intellectually stimulating discussions.

The type and number of interviews you’re invited to will depend on the position and office for which you’re applying, with this section offering some guidelines as to what you should expect. First of all, some definitions…

The case interview is used consistently at every round of interviews globally. Bain case interviews are based on actual client work and provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to see how you approach problems while you get to learn about the type of work we do. Our interviewers love the case interview as they get to personally select and develop interview cases based on their own client work experiences.

The written case interview is a natural extension of the traditional case interview with several offices using it as part of the Consultant and Summer Associate second round. In the written case interview you will receive the key questions, facts about the case and some time to prepare before you meet with your interviewer. The written case interview closely simulates the day-to-day role of a Consultant and gives you a chance to dazzle us with the methodology, insights and practical solutions you can bring to a problem once you’ve had time to review the facts.

The experience interview is also used by several offices as part of the Consultant and Summer Associate second round process. It is likely the interview format you’ll be most familiar with and needs the least preparation. It’s a chance for your interviewer to learn more about your past accomplishments, understand your motivations and passions (both within and outside of school/work), hear about your interest in Bain and why you are seeking a career in consulting.