Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals who join Bain have the opportunity to drive meaningful client results as part of a team of talented consultants, managers and partners who will encourage their long-term success. The role descriptions below can help you determine where you might fit in, while our staff profiles share the stories of current team members who joined after starting out elsewhere.

Typical entry roles for Experienced professionals

Hiring practices vary by local market—so be sure to check the page for your office of interest for details—but generally:

  • Candidates with fewer than three years of work experience, or with experience primarily outside of business (or not involving highly analytical, quantitative work) should review the Associate Consultant role.
  • Professionals with roughly three to six years of successful business or consulting experience should consider the Consultant role.
  • More tenured professionals with experience leading teams and working with senior clients within a consulting firm or similar business environment, such as internal consulting or strategic planning, should review the Manager role.

(For non-consulting opportunities, please click here to learn more and apply.)

What can you expect?

As an experienced professional, your rich background and outstanding accomplishments will help you excel at Bain. They'll infuse your casework with valuable insight and practical skills and allow you to achieve actionable results for your clients. After a rigorous interview process to ensure that there's a good match, we'll invest in your transition to Bain with global and local training sessions, suitable staffing assignments, and attentive mentorship and support. You'll be well prepared to tackle the toughest business problems our clients face and to cultivate a long-term career in consulting while building upon your capabilities and expanding your skill set.

Application process

Experienced professionals' applications are considered on a rolling basis, so you may apply at any time. Given the rigorous nature of the interview process, we strongly encourage you to apply at least two months, and preferably more, in advance of your desired start date. The overall process and start date will vary by office location.

Experienced professionals should use the online application unless otherwise instructed. The online application requires the following:

  • Resume/CV and cover letter (MS Word Doc or PDF files only)
  • Relevant test scores (e.g. GMAT, GRE)
  • University (Bachelors, Masters, etc) and grades/GPA

Once your application is received, we will review it and inform you if you are selected to interview.

Interview process

Experienced professional candidates will complete both case and experience interviews, with increased emphasis on the latter for more tenured candidates. Some candidates will have the opportunity to share a disguised presentation of their work during the interview: If a presentation is required, you will receive more specific instructions at the appropriate time.

Please check with the local office recruiting teams for more information on what that location may require.